How is Chocolate made?

Chocolate is a very common food preparation made from cocoa. It is consumed in the form of a candy, a beverage such as chocolate milk, and a spread for bread. It is a favorite among consumers due to its rich taste.

Chocolate is made from cocoa which can be grown throughout the tropical areas of the world. The history of chocolate dates back to the 6th century in ancient Maya where they attain it from the seed of the tree of cocoa. When the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus returned to Spain from America in 1492, he brought along with him many gifts which he presented to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, the cocoa beans however, were not given much attention. Columbus was also the first European to find out about the usage of cocoa beans as currency. Cacao beans then became a form of currency in Spain and became very significant.

The creation of chocolate is quite a long process. First, the cocoa pods must be harvested, the beans were then fermented and dried. After drying the beans, they were shipped to factories to be processed into chocolate. The cacao beans were then separated because there are different kinds for making different types of chocolate, different types of cacao can also be mixed together to form various flavors. After sorting the cacao beans, they were heated by roasting, this is done to strengthen their flavor. The cacao beans’ shells were then thrown away after crushing the beans, the leftover pieces of broken cacao beans were called “cacao nibs”. After having the nibs, they were grounded into chocolate liquor. The liquor is bitter and not that creamy, the manufacturer will add stuff like sugar, milk, vanilla, and cocoa butter to improve the quality and taste. After mixing liquor with its improving agents, the manufacturer uses rollers to further improve the texture of the mixture. The mixture is then swirled by using a conche which distributes the cocoa butter within the chocolate evenly. Finally, the chocolate is stirred, cooled, and heated slowly. This process is repeated again and again to give the chocolate a shiny and smooth appearance.

I enjoyed reading the articles because they gave me information on how chocolate is made which I find interesting, the articles are very insightful and easy to understand. I think learning on how a certain product is made will make consumers appreciate it even more.



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